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Faster than light?

On 31 May 2010, OPERA researchers announced the observation of a first tau neutrino candidate event in a muon neutrino beam.[3]

In September 2011, OPERA announced the detection of muon neutrinos traveling faster than light. The announcement was met with skepticism by the physics community (and the OPERA team itself), with other experimental groups planning to attempt to replicate the result, as well as search for any experimental errors which might account for it.[4]

Watch the webcast  New results from OPERA on neutrino properties from sept 23rd.


Could the gravity field of Earth and the general relativity be behind the missing 20 or so cm, at the total (Euclidic) distance of 730 km? Geneve is after all at 375 m (take away another 50m to get down below earth to the muon source) and OPERA facility must be at ~900 m or more - Assergi at the west end entry to the Gran Sasso tunnel claims 895m above sea level.

Sort of brachistochronic way out of the bind (g).