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Hello, goodbye, ReMo

On the home page for the ReMo project, you can read the following:

The Mozilla Reps program provides a simple framework and specific tools to help volunteer Mozillians become official representatives of Mozilla in their region. Anyone who is passionate and knowledgeable about Mozilla and who is ready to dive deeper into the project can sign-up to the program.

Not wanting to be left behind, I have raised my hand in July 2011 as my wiki page (check History) can attest. I had been active for Mozilla in my own special way anyhow, so the activities within the ReMo program should act as a welcome booster, right? They should bring some order into reporting, provide a feedback via mentor etc?

Unfortunately this is not so: I am opting out. As a decent Mozillian, I decided to follow the corresponding SOP/leaving, where the following alternatives are offered:

  • I am leaving temporarily: This does not apply, as I am not taking any break, as regards my Mozilla activities.
  • I am leaving permanently: this is closer, but it gives me no possibility to explain the reasons for my step. Also, somebody else must erase my entry in the Mozilla reps directory - I can not do it myself, even if suggested in SOP.
  • I am leaving reluctantly: that used to be my feeling for some time before making this step. Right now, however, I am leaving with a good conscience.

The reason would be best described with: I am leaving because of neglect. I am leaving out of respect for my own Mozilla record and standing. Three points I would like to make.

First: it’s about six months since I enrolled and the persons responsible for the project have yet to realize I am still without a mentor. Not that I would miss her or him - as my reports show, I was pretty active all the time. But then, why mentor in the first place?

Second: there’s about 240 people on the ReMo members list. Of these 36% have never produced one single report and 16% have done just one. I have written five, then stopped doing them end of October to see the reaction. There was none - my Mozilla activities of course went on unencumbered.

Third: in the autumn 2011 I applied and was accepted without much fuss in SuMo SIG and for Comm SIG. I had  been active in SuMo several yeare before that, while Comm was relatively new to me. I am active in both now. I am still waiting for some sign of life from the ReMo side. 

So, summarized, no mentor, no feeback, no SIG.

I will cause no loss to Mozilla by leaving ReMo. However, I will not feel anymore like some zombie record entry - Karteileiche in German.

Sincere regards